Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2: Erscheint Ende August

Vor einigen Tagen ließ Entwickler inXile verlauten, dass man noch vor Ende des laufenden Monats den Erscheinungstermin für Wasteland 2 bekannt geben möchte. Nun hat man in einem Kickstarter Update verraten, dass das Spiel Ende August erscheinen wird. Zudem hat man für die laufende Beta ein neues Update veröffentlicht. Mit dem Patch sind nun alle Arizona-Karten verfügbar. Unten findet ihr eine Liste mit den Patchnotes.

Die Entwickler haben inzwischen alle Features des Spiels fertiggestellt. Derzeit ist man dabei, diese zu überprüfen und sie im Zweifelsfall zu überarbeiten, oder auch gänzlich zu streichen. In den nächsten Monaten liegt der Fokus der Entwickler beim Balancing, der Optimierung des Spiels und natürlich der Fehlersuche.

Wasteland 2 Early Beta Update #42098 Notes

High Profile Fixes:

Damonta and Missile Silo 7 have been released.

More CNPC behaviors implemented

Weapon jamming implemented

Weapon mods & Stripping weapons with weaponsmithing implemented

Game Difficulties added

New HUD iteration

New conversation UI iteration

Added combat HUD

Animal Whisperer now allows non-hostile animals to follow as pets

Combat & Balance:

CNPCs can leave party during combat if scripted to do so

CNPCs now have a hate list of NPC templates. Hated NPCs will make the CNPC more likely to go rogue, will shoot the hated NPCs with higher fire rates.

CNPCs now have a chance on their template to go insane and shoot at absolutely nothing.

CNPCs now have a hp percent that they’ll flee from combat.

CNPCs now have a flag (not used yet) that will say whether they’ll change clothes or not.

When melee PCs move to attack they will now stop when they get inside of melee range of the target instead of trying to run to the target’s exact position

Not enough AP to unjam now spits out an appropriate reload problem message

CNPCs will now go insane with melee weapons

NPC->NPC damage no longer flips off the wait for combat flag

Reorganized weapon descriptions ( brawling, blunt, bladed )

Updated Skorpion and mg34

Fixed desert eagle prefab

Added a percent chance display for field stripping weapons.

Fixed M16 prefab

Cranked up the damages on the Tier 2-5 AT weapons

Added in WeaponJam as AC_Weapons > WeaponFailure > Weapon_OnJam

Updated clip sizes of all weapons to match real world counterparts

Ambush now looks that moving enemy is in combat

Ambush now has a short delay before attacking to showcase it

Ambush attacks are now triggered by area attacks like grenades & rockets

Scaled energy launcher 1 square down

Corrected combat groups and factions for Woodson

Toggling the combat grid now toggles the grid during combat

Knockback attacks are not completed now until the animation for the mob being knocked back is complete

CNPCs can now really hate an enemy bark with a single fire or melee weapons

After a mob is knocked back, it recalculates the attackers valid movement squares

PCs now get a bonus to XP that’s not from killing based on their Charisma

Combat Reinforcements now only count enemies who are not waiting in combat.

Spawning a Mob in Combat now has the Mob face the center of combat and set it’s anim state.

Area attack now instantiates projectiles in activate, so more than one can be queued up at a time.

Area attack now has a graceful exit so it doesn’t lock up combat anymore if there’s no projectile on the weapon.

PC Combat now uses shotgun instance so mods are included in its cone angle

Weapon-specific combat text matches the weapon by regular expression.

Combat Start Barks happen based on the number of mob groups in combat.

Destructible Objects: Removed cover script off the small objects like beer bottles and dinner plates.

Assigned field stripping drop lists to every weapon

Added visible mod mount points to all appropriate weapons

Aligned and scaled some weapons that needed it

Make Combat Barks not auto-generate if the combat was started by Drama.

Handle CNPC comments on PC miss/crit in the post attack phase instead of delaying (which is no longer necessary).

Fix bug in Attack tracking that was not properly updating the mob  hit/crit/kill references.

Remove unneeded temp variables from Mob that were used when the CNPC commentary was delayed.

CNPC behaviors for Angela, Ralphy, Rose, Scotchmo and Vulture’s Cry

Trigger start-of-turn combat text for NPCs and CNPCs only, and only if the CNPC is not going rogue.

Reduced crit rate/damage/range on killers

Synth Grenadier: Tweaked AI template and its grenade properties.

Synth Plasma Caster SMG: Tweaked AI template.

Death system now drops loot bags for deaths that completely destroy the body.

AOE weapons no longer set noCorpse flag, instead their damage type should be set to have a cool death animation if necessary

AP cost to Ambush is now one more than to fire

Following the PC/Party when they move or instigate out of combat is now a Gameply Option defaulted off

Fix null-ref when target mob is destroyed when it is killed (SlicerDicer)

Don’t rely on mobTarget still existing at end of attack; capture all needed data for combat text output during HandleAttack calls in AttackRecord.TargetRecord.

Secondary weapons & ammo don’t apply attribute & stat bonuses

Mobs in combat no longer have obstacle avoidance to prevent them from getting stuck in narrow navmesh spots

Killing an NPC outside of combat grants XP again

Fixed a bug in specialattack direct attack

Apply game difficulty in scaling calculation for Player Damage, Enemy Damage, Friendly Fire and Player Regen (on level up).

Fixed some weapon instances that were missing templates from the weapon re-map

CNPCs won’t balk at hitting PCs with a shotgun

User Interface

New Icon Revisions

Fixed the depth on weapon comparison tooltips so that they show up above the tutorials.

Usable quest items in the hotkey bar should now be cleared on use.

Going straight from the backpack to the character info menu will no longer result in the selection rectangle showing up when dragging the character info menu or items within it.

Added a sprite class that can display a gradient.

Turned off the attack info and portrait tooltips.

Added text tooltips to the difficulty buttons

Switched the HUD weapon display to use icons instead of polaroid’s.

Swapped the reload and firing mode buttons in the HUD.

The combat act list should now slide on and offscreen rather than just popping.

Shrank down the conversation HUD paper.

Created bigger button clicks on Hotkey and Character portraits

Updated the equipment atlas.

Scaled up the party list and hotkey bar.

Switching character genders in character creation should no longer cause future custom characters to start with attributes and skills already allocated.

Shrank down the mode buttons so that they fit better.

Fixed an issue caused by trying to set up the goodbye button while the conversation HUD is inactive.

Premade character entry text will now only be enabled when it is near the active clipping area.

Updated the font on the premade character entry prefab.

The scroll wheel should now scroll the skill panel when over the + or – buttons.

It should no longer be possible to create a ranger with no name by backing out of character customization on an existing character.

Fixed some settings on the HUD and icon sprites so that they don’t show corruption at lower graphical settings.

Clicking on the journal button will now toggle the journal screen rather than just opening it.

The conversation HUD will now slide back down when buttons can be contained on a single line.

It should be possible to de-allocate skill/attribute points back to the current level again.

Flipped the HUD hotkey bar horizontally.

The encumbrance tutorial should now correctly trigger when transferring items.

The tooltip on the “being led” icon should now provide more actual information about combat buffs.

Edited Tutorial

Added support for magical disappearing/reappearing scroll bar on conversation HUD.

Made the goodbye button on the conversation HUD a separate, special button.

Make status effects from attacks appear in printer log after the attack description.

Changed mutant_fly displayName property to specify feminine gender, since they all have ovipositors.

Fixed how the accept/decline buttons on the CNPC info menu dispatch events. This should make the disabled accept button (not) work correctly.

The CNPC info menu accept button should now disable correctly when appropriate.

Fix bug with conversation keyword buttons sometimes appearing offset from the start position. In some cases, previously removed buttons are destroyed but are still in the UI button grid when position is calculated for the remaining buttons. Fixed by ensuring the button is reparented out of the grid when it is destroyed.

It should now be possible to examine equipped items.

added polaroid and icon for pipe bomb

Added fancy visual displays for weapon mods so that it’s not just an ugly block of text.

added Combat shooting skill book

Can assign points to Animal Whisperer skill now

No “-” displayed after a skill name if it’s maxed out

The save/load screen will now tell the player when the backend is loading a list of saved games instead of telling them there aren’t any.

Added a little + icon to drag drop items to show if the item has been modified.

Fixed a broken sprite in the weapon atlas.

Moved the dirty grenade icon art to the correct directory.

Art Bug Fixes

Added Tutorial Icons

Added an extra newline to properly space conversation text on start. There’s still an inconsistency when starting a conversation after trading and immediately leaving the previous conversation, but it’s minor.

Added functionality to UILabel to allow for text pagination.

CNPCs: Fixed Bug 10320 Angela & Chisel had the wrong age.

Updated the combat info and hotkey bar UI.

Added hotkey support for 7 and 8.


Sped up the act entry slide.

Increased description panel scroll speed.

Reduced texture sizes in multiple levels when asset size was too large.


Disable Quick Save when Drama is blocking saving.

Change Game Difficulty to be a Saved-Game setting as well as a player pref.

Added a check to trim whitespace and newline characters from save game names.

World Map:

New art for AZ world map

Added a collider to the POI popup message to prevent interacting with the world map while it’s up.

New worldmap radiation – projector removed, changed to dissolve mesh, deformer script applied to dissolve mesh, radiation symbol raised to allow deformer to work on more varied terrain, distortion added, radiation positions changed to match current terrain better, new cloud and cloud shadow prefabs since they don’t work across both world maps

Added radio triggers to world map-

Party heals on the world map depending on difficulty

Chance to run from outdoorsman is now a % chance

game over if entire party is unconscious on the world map

World Map Camera transitioning to a POI is now smoother. It now snaps to the party icon and not the POI

World map movement not moving the mouse when the party stops moving does require moving the mouse to start moving again

Fixed cache that was hiding in mountain.

Fix location of a cache that was off the navmesh

World map now right click does not stop, no more shaking/stopping/centering when discovering a POI

Switched party from start to awake because LA world map was instantiating worldmapmanager first for some reason and certain things weren’t assigned in party yet

Animation & Navigation:

fixed several weapon-swapping animation issues.

combat speed now affects animation blend times.

Make wood fence use the Forced animation when Brute Forced

Zombie death animation got gib and particles

Smoke portion of firefx is spawned but not attached.  Fixes incorrectly placed fx from head look

Tinker: fixed anim set

Adding grenade attack and anim set for synth grenadier

added burst and special attack triggers

removed the swipe attack from the flys template

Cows now stay tipped if combat starts

Fixed head look when using a shotgun out of combat

updated pod idle

updated energy death anim


Hooked up Satellite Dish in Ag Center, still needs timing fix in audio file

New Combat music was flagged as 3D. should be 2D now.

Shotguns will now show reload/jammed cursor when jammed/out of ammo

Add SFX when discovering Radiation Clouds as AC_WorldMap > Map SFX > POIEmergenceRadiationCloud

Added SFX to progress bar ticks


Drama.Hide() now looks through childed colliders, rigidbodies, and navmeshobstacles to turn off, rather than just the ones attached to the parent.

Shrunk and lengthened beetles to make them more realistic

Adding spark fx, satellite spinner fx, and adjustments to dugan room in Seal Beach Underground.

Added smoke and finalized template or BurnIn prefabs

added slight motion blur to camera under certain instances

Combat Camera smoothing

– NPCs move the camera to frame a shot instead of to the NPC if thats the first thing they do

– snap at start of NPC turn snaps all the way to the NPC so it properly decelerates

Male characters should now have default torsos applied.

added skin alphas and correct skin shader to underwear pieces

Added Medal of Honor art to equipment atlas.

Turned the armor icon white so that it can be tinted.

Changed act list tooltip text color.

Changed floor material in reservoir room

Added hat flag to wearable’s to separate hats from hair

Updated tooltip and paper art.

Slight update to combat range gradient art.

Active stat displays should now be more apparent.

Adjusted color of green keyword to be darker.

Change yellow keyword color to dark green.

Change red keyword color to darker red.

Dropped in new conversation frame art.

Adjusted character creation visual choices

Creepy Crucifix no longer moves while within player view.

Drag selecting a single PC in non-party mode will update the HUD

Tweaked male heads to show better versions

Color fix for purchased bar ticks

Minor look and feel tweaks to character creation.

Added new polaroid and icon for scorpion

Conversation text is now manually colored

Minor polish on the party list in character creation.

Adjusted the terrain to fit the nav mesh

Rejiggered the HUD to match new art.

Adjusted visible mod mount points – energy, handguns & rifles

Changed the font of the stat display to match the rest of the UI.

Added spark particles (and fixed scale of old FX) to give more impact to connection

Technical & Text:

Worked on some memory improvements. Compressing audio files and lowering size of certain textures.

Combat-Text Related Changes

* Drama.cs: Remove support for keywords after ‘|’ at end of say sentence.

* Language.cs: Add GetGender() to extract gender from meta-info in display name string.

* CombatTextManager.cs, Drama.cs: Add support for gender-based text selection.

* Added events AttackActionStarted and AttackActionEnded to bracket all attaks within an attack turn (i.e. multiple bullets from SMG fire).

* Added AttackRecord class for tracking multiple attack target data during single attacker barrage (SMG, explosives).

* Mob.cs, CombatTextManager.cs: Don’t star combat until after attack is complete (to avoid cutting off SMG attack bullets after the first).

* CombatTextManager.cs:

Merged gender specific string variants with use of gender-based text selection.

Fixed template names of supafly and maggot to match the templates.

Added attack specific strings for attacks of supafly.

Commented out deprecated intro string arrays.

Added data for new features: hitIntroOnce, downsPC

Added Text Data for BoobyTrap

* DestructibleObject.cs, Mob.cs, PC.cs, NPC.cs, Targetable.cs, TargetableObject.cs:

Changed Attacker parameter in TakeDamage() method from Mob to MonoBehaviour so it can handle non-mob “attackers”, such as booby traps.

PartyBark Improvements: back end tech to support the new style of making party barks, to support random choosing of scenes, and better support events triggering multiple scenes. Submitting the current, backwards-compatible version to version the new tech improvements before breaking the file in half and converting everythign to the new method

Added journal entries for SFS

Updated code that used to check the follower list to just check the new flag: PartyBarkManager, RangerCitadel_Goat and LevelData.

Reformatted mob info tooltip.

Fix bug with name of speaking NPC not updating when speaker portrait changes.

Fix bug where killing last mob with an ambush caused CombatTextManager to restart combat.

Fixed long barrel mod to give it a +5 chance to hit

Remove log spam that slows down game when all the crates blow up in Holiday’s shop.

Fix null-ref that happens when sound is not available.

CombatTextManager: Allow base CombatText data instances to be placed anywhere in list relative to derived instances.

Add example to CombatTexts.cs of placing a derived instance before the base for exploding pod.

Disabled a edge case where a CNPC leaves the party just as an event is generated, leading to null ref spam.

Editing characters in character creation should no longer break subsequent characters.

Null ref protection on severly broken spawners.  It throws an assert on start in the editor but if it’s blank from a combat reinforcement it would still break a game

Fix up strings to use “[/i]” to close NGUI italics instead of the old “[-]”.

Added a bit of bounds checking to avoid drawing map radiation indicators off the edge of the map.

Updated POI and radiation cloud positions.

WMParty start movement wasn’t checking to see if a SFX was already looping before starting a new one; now it does.

Fix bug where saving game was getting blocked because scriptor used cmd.savegameUnblock without yield return. Changed it to just invoke an immediate action instead of having to go trough drama manager loop.

The item modified flag is now set when loading saved items.

The skill info panel lists will now only re-sort when enabling the panel, rather than immediately upon skill points being allocated.

If PCs luck is the difference between evading or critical hitting, put up a luck notification

Remove black conversation speech bubbles and description bubble.

Fix bug where text to the printer was going through TextBuilder.Expand() twice, which screws up escape chars.

Weapon mods recovered when field stripping weapons will now show up in the item result menu.

Attempting to remove a mod manually will now result in a success/failure message.

Possible mods are not serialized on weapons anymore. This prevents odd things having mod slots that shouldn’t and saved item instances from having incorrect mod slots

Changed can attack visible ray cast point (was targetCenter to missileweaponorigin) to match the call in highlight

Fix problem with party bark broadcast of ASI to nearby Mobs causing a conversation to start by NPC that is unprepared to deal with the ASI.

Added skill checks for applying weapon mods.

Added tooltips to disabled weapon mod and strip buttons.

The “possible to mod” highlight should no longer show up incorrectly on equipped weapon

Possible item results from weapon stripping will now be printed in the confirmation dialog.

Weapons that can attack diagonally now note that in their tooltips.

Fix long pause when all the dynamite blows up in Holiday’s shop.  It was because 21 PickupItem bags and all their contents were getting generated in a single frame.  Changed to spread out the generation of loot bags if they occur on same frame.

Clicking on a mob indicator in the combat range gradient now moves the camera to that mob.

Fixed localization names to make sense (not have number/location  notation).

Added main gate IO

Added additional enemies & repairable fences

Removed weapon from injured Killer Dave

Added radio triggers and radio calls

Right click hold delay now used for move click time as well

Right click hold camera rotate now uses a start position when the hold delay is past

CombatText: fixed an issue where enemy grouping could cause an out-of-bounds error.

Check and handle friendly fire appropriately on NPC Followers.


Angela Deth: Won’t rejoin party if she drops out due to murder

Fixed infinitely respawning enemies bug

Fixed wood plank pickup

Added temp roof faders

Turned off sleep management

Stopped AG Center POI finished animation from scaling up the geo.

Scaled and rotated gigantic robot arms to correct position and size.

Turrets: Fixed Bug 8930 20mm turret had no icon

Fixed energy launcher 2 material

Created proton smasher prefab and added assets

Tagged mods as rare items

Adjusted name on weapon parts to be junk parts

Character creation added components for male and female

Removed unused scripts

Fixed several instances of unreachable keywords

Removed unused keywords

Distillery: Fix generic keyword responses

Can now generate higher resolution paintable meshes

Fixed Nail Board position

Slight adjustments to POI heights/positions

Capped out the total displayed world states.

Reduced run speed to minimize animation sliding

Added a basic dropset to all empty containers

Fix problem with trying to access Conversation Hud before it is setup.

Reworked the mob info tooltip.

Mob tooltips should show up correctly when a PC using a shotgun is selected.

Changed “Legend” to “Supreme Jerk.”

Added border data to mob info tooltip art.

Added desert eagle model

Added checks to prevent multiple barks from queuing

Fixed an issue where NPC would not path and fade away correctly

Fixed missing keywords in NPC Tori’s dialog

Difficulty adjusted damages won’t reduce to below 1 damage

Fixed instigate points on several water reservoirs on a few cops maps.

Removed log spam and unused optional parameter to ExpandPermutations() method

Minor formatting changes to conversation.

Added mods to vendor sets

Adjustment to zoom speed

Slicer Dicer aoe ground fx are now attached to the statuseffectarea so they don’t go away

Added a “click to continue” label that can be toggled.

Moved the weapon name label.

Allow inline keywords to use “.”

HP Destroyed: Fix Bergin restarting his proximity sequence

Fixing animals to not give infinite XP

Dropping items stacks in the same bag when close enough

The empty character name check should no longer incorrectly prevent character creation.

Updated character creation screen

Addition of radiation stinger and 3d / stereo setting pass for ambiences

Adjusted radio room door position and turned off animation rotation toggle.

Added energy launcher polaroid and Icons and added brass nuckles and etc

Area attack highlighting now calls HUD target mouseovers

Reduced the amount of camera motion blur

Logbook & Radio:

RangerRadioCenter is now the base class for AZ_RadioRangerCenter and CA_RadioRangerCenter

Added two radio prefabs to Resources/ScenePrefabs/Radio

Radio dramas are no longer on the Hud Gameobject

Game.cs now instantiates the correct radio drama for the region

Add function to check if a call with a particular state name is already in the queue

Fix “goodbye” button adding throughout Arizona

Level Design, Balance, Reactivity:

Ag Center: Kathy was entering a sad mood at the wrong time

Ag Center: Fix scale on sunflower

Ag Center: Fixed rogue wall collider blocking clicks.

Ag Center:Fixed radio call Cult 13 not ending

Ag Center: Add extra checks for initialization in crushing vines victim

Ag Center: Patrick destroyed keyword cleanup

Ag Center: More Winston fixes

Ag Center: Fixes to vine crush victims

Ag Center: Fixed some computer logic with fans and toxins

Ag Center: Kathy now only uses the Signal keyword once.

Ag Center: Fix direction error in journal

Ag Center: Reassigning some missing portraits

Ag Center: Fixed some highlight issues for some bookshelves.

Ag Center Central Complex: Fixed bug where pod people were not attacking.

Darwin Village: Added Darwin related reactivity

Darwin Village: Consequences for telling Darwin’s secret (or not) while she’s in the party

Highpool: Fixed a couple bugs with level bounds and a rogue wall collider blocking mouse clicks.

Highpool: Fix issues with arson

Highpool: Fix pipe burst sequence to avoid lock-up

Highpool: Wreckers no longer vanish when walking away from Jess’s safe and then shot.

Highpool: Fix escaping townies disappearing

Highpool: Examines on radio power

Highpool: Clarify VC broken out situation

Highpool: Clean up Jess-Belle Wrecker behavior

Highpool: Added character portraits to missing characters.

Highpool: Fix indestructible chest

Highpool: Gave patients a simple portrait.

Highpool: Fix Garoof to respond better to the chew toy

Highpool Destroyed: Clean up PryBar/PoleAxe sequence

Highpool Destroyed: Fix autoguid issue with Bergin

HP Underground: Door numbers

Hobo King: Fixed nav mesh issue.

Missile Base: Fixed a broken FOW Heightmap.

Missile Base: Moved Start Position

Missile Base: Rebuilt navmesh to fix some bugs.

Missile Base: Fixed Bug grid was being built twice in same spot

Missile Base: Moved up the world globes as they were below the terrain.

Missile Base: Fixed Bug 8618 characters falling through walkways.

Missile Base: Turned off navmesh helpers in launch facility

Missile Base: Fixed issue with useless message being output.

Missile Base: Added a descriptor for CharredCorpses.

Missile Base: Fixed camera/levelbounds issues in the tunnel. Cleaned up NavMesh.

Missile Base: Fixed issue with Tom and combat. Fixed issue with a monk joining combat by accident.

Missile Base: Fixed issue with Tom starting his cutscene when combat is on.

Missile Base: Fixed some heightmesh issues. Fixed FOW issues. Fixed a few more bugs.

Murder Site: Clean up flow if you shoot the raiders after you convince them

Prison: Clean up when farm hands run away

Prison: Rebuilt navmesh and grid.

Prison: fixed nav issues

Prison: Fixing goat proliferation issue

Prison: Make william’s family fear you if you shoot the pigs

Prison: Added a wall collider to some walls that were missing them.

Prison: Adding diffiiculty to some skill objects

Prison: Real fix for Danforth dog A

Prison: Make Danforth’s dogs work with new AW tech

Prison: Attacking field hands pisses off foremen

Prison: Fix issue with Overbake sequence lock-up

Prison: Fixed broken portraits.

Prison: Attempted a fix for Harveys cart.

Prison: Prison navmesh changes in cave, slave girl turned to guy, mine sign added

Prison: Found strange object in the FOW height map. Regenerated it and the object disappeared.

Prison 2: Fixed Bug characters falling through bridges.

Prison 2: Fixed Bug 9812 ladder issue

Hopefully this ghost object doesn’t come back.

Rail Nomads: Angie won’t yell at you when she shoots Sam, adding bar patrons

Rail Nomads: Clean up Ralphy reaction if you start killing people around town

Rail Nomads: Add Ralphy reacting to killing Rail Nomads folk

Rail Nomads: Increased explosion radius of the Interceptor.

Rail Nomads: Fixed an issue where NPC Anna would not spawn on her bed.

Rail Nomads: Cleaned up grid squares near the Rail thieves in no-mans-land.

Rail Nomads: Angie won’t yell at you when she shoots Sam, adding bar patrons

Rail Nomads: Fixed typos in Gorkinovich’s dialog.

Rail Nomads: Fix journal entry text

Rail Nomads: Fixed description on Casey’s arm.

Rail Nomads: Audio for attaching the radio parts

Rail Nomads: Fixed a material collider setup in the wrong spot. It was blocking clicks.

Rail Nomads: Fixed issue with Mr. Holliday starting drama when you had a certain CNPC in your party

Rail Nomads: Fixed keyword “Prized” on the Quarex.

Rail Nomads: Fix to Angela killing Samuel sequence

Rail Nomads: Fix gork intro

Rail Nomads: Gorkinovich and Samuel trigger protection

Rail Nomads: Added some wall colliders to certain combat areas that were missing them.

Rail Nomads: Fixed issue with Quarex being inside a Party Bark and triggering a conversation.

Rail Nomads: Fix combat group on patrol

Rail Nomads: Fixed typos in Mr. Holiday’s dialog

Rail Nomads: Increased Mr. Holiday instigation distance

Rail Nomads: Fixed grid around walls of Kekekabah warehouse. Fixed north junkie encounter train cars were just too high.

Rail Nomads: Added an option to give the golden spike to casey if kekkahbah is already dead before you meet him for the first time

Rail Nomads: Fix issue with ralphy leaving the party at the wrong time

Rail Nomads: Fixed keyword issue with casey james.

Rail Nomads: Moved a safe near the junkies that could not be interacted with.

Rail Nomads: Fix empty enumerator for injured Topekan

Random Encounter: Fix bug with random encounter start position when choosing to fight

Ranger Citadel: Longer delay on gate open sequence to match anim

Ranger Citadel: Add PigShit to TNT Tan’s price scaling

Ranger Citadel: Hide Angela after she flies the coop

Ranger Citadel: Fixed Bug 8447 shooting through walls.

Ranger Citadel: Mercaptain back to lab after call.

Ranger Citadel: Fixing missing references that cause null refs

Ranger Citadel: Robert Bowling rewrite

Ranger Citadel: New helicopter, clean up LA transition

Ranger Citadel: Make sure goat can follow you

Ranger Citadel: Updated weapon subsitutions for bowling & redryder

Ranger Citadel: Digging sounds scripting for dudes by Ace’s grave

Ranger Citadel: Fixed issue with Rick or Bowling getting shot while in their cells and the jailor not doing anything.

Ranger Citadel: more Bowling keyword cleanup

Ranger Citadel: radiation stinger and fix for scrap

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