Minecraft: Xbox-Versionen nun mit Pferden, Affen, Hexen und mehr

Kurz vor Weihnachten ist nun noch einmal ein Update für die Xbox-Versionen von Minecraft erschienen. Dank dem umfangreichen Patch dürfen sich Spieler nun auf der Xbox 360 und Xbox One über neue Mobs wie Hexen, Pferde und Affen freuen. Darüber hinaus wurden diverse neue Items und andere Dinge hinzugefügt. Interessierte Spieler finden unten die Liste mit den Updatenotes. Dieser könnt ihr alle Details zum Patch entnehmen.

Natürlich soll das Update auch für die PlayStation-Fassung kommen. Bisher ist es dort allerdings nicht erhältlich, da der Patch bei Sony zur Prüfung vorliegt und dieser Vorgang bisher nicht abgeschlossen ist. In wenigen Tagen sollte dies allerdings der Fall sein.

Change log for Content Update 7 – December 18th 2014

Changes and Additions:-

– Added new items

  • Hardened Clay
  • Stained Clay
  • Block of Coal
  • Hay Bale
  • Activator Rail
  • Block of Redstone
  • Daylight Sensor
  • Dropper
  • Hopper
  • Minecart with Hopper
  • Minecart with TNT
  • Redstone Comparator
  • Weighted Pressure Plate
  • Beacon
  • Trapped Chest
  • Firework Rocket
  • Firework Star
  • Nether Star
  • Lead
  • Horse Armor
  • Name Tag
  • Horse Spawn Egg

– Added new Mobs

  • Wither
  • Wither Skeletons
  • Witches
  • Bats
  • Horses
  • Donkeys
  • Mules

– Added new terrain generation features – Witch Huts.
– Replaced the Tutorial World with a new world containing some new mini-tutorials for the new functionality.
– Added Beacon interface.
– Added Horse interface.
– Added Hopper interface.
– Added Fireworks – Fireworks interface is accessible from the Crafting Table when you have the ingredients to craft a Firework Star or Firework Rocket.
– Added ‚Adventure Mode‘ – You can only break blocks with the correct tools.
– Added lots of new sounds.
– Mobs, items and projectiles can now pass through portals.
– Repeaters can now be locked by powering their sides with another Repeater.
– Zombies and Skeletons can now spawn with different weapons and armor.
– New death messages.
– Name mobs with a Name Tag, and rename containers to change the title when the menu is open.
– Bonemeal no longer instantly grows everything to full size, and instead randomly grows in stages.
– A Redstone signal describing the contents of Chests, Brewing Stands, Dispensers and Jukeboxes can be detected by placing a Redstone Comparator directly against them.
– Dispensers can face in any direction.
– Eating a Golden Apple gives the player extra „absorption“ health for a short period.
– The longer you remain in an area the harder the monsters that spawn in that area will be.
– New Game and Host options (Daylight Cycle, Keep Inventory, Mob options, Tile drop and a Regeneration option)

– Language Selector added, and Greek language option added.

Change log for Content Update 6 – 10th December 2014


– Added the trial Festive Mash-up Pack
– Added World Resize option to expand smaller sized worlds into larger sized ones.

Change log for Content Update 5 – 25th November 2014


– Added the trial Star Wars Classic Skin Pack.

Change log for Content Update 4 – 29th October 2014


– Added the trial Steampunk Texture Pack.

Change log for upcoming Content Update 3 – 2nd October 2014


– Fix for tile entities not being saved correctly in unloaded chunks. (Empty Chests, Spawners turning into Pig Spawners, etc.)
– Enable hiding mashup-pack worlds from the saves list, and re-enabling them all from the options menu.
– Change to ‘disable saving’ setting so that it remains set for a specific save when reloading that save.
– Fix for Glass Blocks placed next to each other rendering incorrectly.
– Fix for enchanted items not destroying blocks as quickly as they should.
– Changed 3D sound attenuation to have linear fall-off, with special cases for thunder, Enderdragon & Ghast sounds. (Sound volumes incorrect bug)
– Improved frame-rate in Jungles.
– Fix for missing chunks in Superflat world on host console.
– Fixed an issue with mob spawning rates.
– Fix for hit box on Torches sometimes being incorrect.
– Fix for entities being duplicated (every save/load cycle) for transferred worlds (Multiple Enderdragons bug).
– Fix for ‚Can Build and Mine‘ not functioning correctly.
– Fixed issue with mobs still being aggressive while player is invisible (using Potion).
– Fixed an issue recording Spider Jockey kills.
– Fix for players riding Boats/Minecarts sometimes being invisible to remote players.
– Fix for Maps placed in an Item Frame appear as blank to other players.
– Fix to move HUD down when tooltips are disabled.
– Fix for camera resetting when going through Nether or End Portals.
– Fix for issue with Xbox 360 Save transfer when the save is exited without saving on Xbox One.
– Fixed an issue with gamer pictures occasionally causing a crash.


– Added a ‚Copy Save‘ option to allow people to ‚back-up‘ their world to another save.

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