The Long Dark

The Long Dark: März-Update ist da

Das März-Update für The Long Dark ist da. Der Patch beinhaltet unter anderem neue Errungenschaften und die Möglichkeit Regionen auszurotten. Auch Wölfe können der Ausrottung zum Opfer fallen. Was sich sonst noch alles mit dem Update getan hat, könnt ihr der Liste mit Patchnotes entnehmen, die ihr unten findet. Insgesamt gab es nun 35 Updates für The Long Dark, welches sich nach wie vor in der Early Access-Phase befindet. Diese ermöglicht es den Käufern, den Sandbox-Modus zu spielen.

Changelist for The Long Dark Sandbox-Update #35 to v.212
Major improvements:

* Expanded „transition zones“ between Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway, and Coastal Highway and Pleasant Valley. 
* Updated Wolf stalking behaviours, animation, and vocalizations to improve player’s ability to gauge intentions and specific location. This should make Wolves easier to avoid. 
* Modified audible „cone“ to help highlight wildlife vocalizations and increase the player’s ability to extract usable gameplay information from the audio environment. 
* (VOYAGEUR ONLY) Hostile Wildlife now only spawns between 18-36 hours after game start. 
* Expanded Cave and Radio Tower Hut interiors. 
* Added 9 new Achievements. 
* Updated Crafting, Firestarting, Feed Fire, Foraging, and Container UIs to match the revised style and improved functionality. 
* General content optimizations in Pleasant Valley to improve performance. 
* (EXPERIMENTAL) Removed precise clock; all game times now expressed in terms of hours of daylight or remaining night. 
* Modified wildlife spawn times. It is now possible to temporarily depopulate an area of wildlife if they are hunted/harvested too aggressively. This also applies to Wolves. 

Minor improvements:

* Added short progress bar to plant Harvesting. 
* Rebalanced Food Poisoning to re-introduce it as a credible risk. 
* Rebalanced fire heat radius and fuel type efficiency to make outdoor fires more useful. 
* Rebalanced Cooked Fish to retain more of Raw Fish’s Caloric value. 
* Improved performance of Save system. 
* Feeding wildlife will no longer attack non-aggressive targets. 
* Updated sound effects for various inventory items. 
* New ambient music for Pleasant Valley. 
* Added new Bear „smelling“ and „standing“ animations. 
* Improved Wolf „turning“ animations, to remove sidestepping. 
* Wildlife will only attack you when sleeping if wildlife is spawned and in the area. 
* Properly simulate corpse decimation due to feeding when in unloaded scene. 
* Rabbit Pelt is now used to repair Rabbitskin Mitts (instead of Leather). 
* Wolfskin Pelt is now used to repair the Wolfskin Coat (instead of Leather). 
* Wolves and Bears will stop attacking when the player falls through the ice. 
* Added Truck and Tractor assets. 
* Resized several items that were too large relative to game camera.

Bugs fixed:

* Fixed wildlife respawning issues that could cause permanent depopulation in an area. 
* Fixed issues with corpses disappearing on steep slopes after loading a save game. 
* Fixed issues with corpses sometimes standing or floating. 
* Fixed issue with player health being reset to 100% if loading a save after a Bear attack. 
* Fixed exploit of getting full fatigue benefit from a partial cup of coffee. 
* Fixed bug that caused the rifle to sometimes unequip after loading a game. 
* Fixed issue with Wolves investigating the location of dropped food after the player picked it back up. 
* Fixed UI getting cut off at low aspect ratios. 
* Fixed collision issue on bridge in Pleasant Valley that could cause fatal falls. 
* Fixed issue where mouse cursor would centre itself after using food/drink/first aid from Inventory. 
* Fixed buried stove near Trailers in Mystery Lake. 
* Fixed some localization/text errors.

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