The Long Dark

The Long Dark: Patch aktualisiert auf Unity Engine 5

Entwickler Hinterland Games war Mal wieder fleißig und hat ein neues Update für The Long Dark rausgebracht. Mit dem jüngsten Patch wurde die Engine auf Unity 5 aktualisiert. Darüber hinaus hat man diverse Bugs ausgemerzt und einige kleine Änderungen vorgenommen. So gibt es nun etwa in jeder Region Bären. Wer an Details interessiert ist, wird unten fündig. Dort gibt es die Patchnotes zum jüngsten Update und dem letzten Hotfix, der am Wochenende aufgespielt wurde.



* The Long Dark has now been updated to use Unity 5. Everyone should experience performance improvements between +50-300%. Depending in your hardware, you may now be able to play at higher resolutions or quality settings than you could before. In general the game should feel smoother and look better for everyone.


* All skies and Time of Day settings have been revised to utilize Unity 5’s improved skybox technology. 
* Bears have now migrated to all regions of the game world. 
* Adding fuel to a fire at the embers state now restarts the fire. 
* Increased rate at which warmth reduces player’s Freezing rating. 
* Improved loot spawn variation in car trunks and fishing huts. 
* Improvement to Item Transfer UI: Items in a stack will transfer one by one unless the stack is greater than five items. 
* Cat Tails can be harvested once to produce both the Stalks and the Heads. 
* Harvestable plants can be inspected before committing to the harvesting action. 
* Rifle Aim sensitivity can be tuned separately from mouse zoom settings. This should improve rifle aiming. 


* Fixed UI issue that could cause some HUD elements to not be visible at certain aspect ratios. 
* Fixed issue that could cause Cat Tails to have zero weight and zero calories. 
* Fixed problem with movement not resuming if movement key was held down when exiting an interface. 
* Fixed bug where flare audio would not end if the player was attacked while holding a lit flare. 
* Fixed problem where certain containers (e.g., file cabinets) would never have loot in Stalker 
* Fixed problem with not being able to bind the Apple Command key (Mac only).


* Fixed issue with player occasionally falling through the ground at specific locations 
* Fixed issues with controls picking up faulty inputs 
* Improvements to mouse sensitivity settings 
* Fixed issue with rifle reloading occasionally being unresponsive 
* Added anti-aliasing to all items when seen in Inspection mode, or any used in First-Person (ex. Rifle, Lantern, etc.) 
* Fixed issue where torch light source and audio sometimes persisted after the torch was extinguished

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