Crea 1.0 verfügbar

Bis gestern war Crea ein Early Access Spiel. Nun ist Version 1.0 erschienen. Die Entwickler bedanken sich bei allen Spielern für ihre Risikobereitschaft und Unterstützung während der Early Access-Phase. Selbstverständlich wird das Game auch weiterhin mit Updates versorgt. Zunächst möchte man sich dabei auf mögliche Fehler und Feinschliff konzentrieren. In Zukunft wird man sich über neue Features und Inhalte Gedanken machen.

Zum Release von Crea 1.0 wurde ein Update veröffentlicht, zu dem ihr unten die Patchnotes findet. Dort könnt ihr euch außerdem den Release Trailer ansehen:

  • Pages to a Lore Book are now scattered throughout the world of Crea
  • Items have been infused with lore flavor text
  • Dedicated Server now available on Steam
  • Added 50 Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Introduced a forth boss
  • New Ore and remna tiers can now be unlocked
  • New gear tier hasa been introduced
  • Enhanced item interaction
  • Smarter controller cursor
  • Enhanced visual style for renaming inputs
  • New more powerful version of many accessories have been added
  • Guides are now shown the first time they become available
  • Changed Research Desk subcategory to „Essentials“ to make it easier to find for new players
  • Loadout buttons added to HUD toolbar
  • Disallow in-game commands unless using developer mode
  • Items are automatically discovered when its recipe is learned. This means unique items that are researched on discovery no longer have to be crafted to learn
  • Unique items no longer have to be discovered before a recipe can have materials researched for it
  • Decreased TP cost for the first level of the Sword Proficiency
  • Lowered level requirements for most skills
  • Vines and foliage now give less gather TP
  • Characters now automatically learn any newly added recipes for discovered materials
  • Lowered Lanteed spawn frequency some making Oil Slimes spawn more often
  • Birds drop more feathers now
  • Boss levels are now based on defeated bosses for players instead of world
  • Balanced minimum levels for some monsters
  • Increased HP for bosses as they level up
  • Cut the HP for the spawners that Dormians creates in half
  • Changed Venfear’s wind attack to go through blocks
  • Snow hare drops fur now
  • Reduced animal spawn rate by a bit
  • Fish are now extinct (disabled since they are broken and I don’t have time to fix them atm)
  • Added many missing localizations
  • Changed Premium Lumber to have the proper quality
  • Purified Lumber now stacks to 99
  • Increased the price of silk
  • Crates are no longer collectable
  • Rebalanced item prices
  • Chests are now named „Locked“ when locked
  • Lockpicks can now be used from the toolbar
  • Lockpicks will automatically be used when interacting with a locked chest and no keys are available
  • Increase price cost for Reincarnate dungeons
  • Increased chance for horde realm crystals to appear
  • Select medium size world by default in world creation
  • Changed world level distribution – small worlds increase more dramatically while large worlds are more gradual
  • Added some missing status effect icons
  • Added descriptions to several items
  • Renamed Gildor’s Crystal to Corsaltus Crystal
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved crash on client when traveling to a new realm caused by messages getting out of order
  • Resolved seemingly random crash on clients when the host is unloading a region of a world with certain items in it
  • Resolved issue with players being able to interact with travel items (realm crystals, chaos bed, gildor crystal) multiple times
  • Resolved error on standalone server with Invisible status effect
  • Resolved issue with client experience bar not updating properly when leveling up
  • Resolved issue with particles not using textures properly on the client
  • Resolved issue with one of the build toolbars not working for clients
  • Resolved issue where your character would float when the ground was destroyed underneath him on a client (multiplayer)
  • Fixed many messages being sent to all players in a multiplayer game when they should only be sent to a single player
  • MOTD is now loaded for standalone server
  • Resolved issue with standalone name and motd not loading from settings properly
  • Resolved issue with character preview not working on OSX
  • Resolved issue with overlaping items showing one highlighted but then interacting with the unhighlighted one
  • Resolved issue with the UI not updating when resetting control bindings
  • HUD now properly shows more than 7 status effects
  • Resolved issue with items sometimes attempting to be collected even when there isn’t space
  • Resolved issue with some equipment claiming to have potential attributes when they infact did not
  • Resolved issue with torch coming back on underwater when against a wall
  • Do not stack unique items notifications
  • Resolved issue with discovered items associated with characters was being saved improperly and would not work correctly when switching worlds
  • Temporarily disable UI zooming for OSX since it causes a crash
  • Resolved issue with items being researched multiple times (duplicate notifications)
  • Resolved issue with researching item set recipes causing the player to not learn the contained recipes
  • Resolved crash when quickly leaving a horde realm
  • Resolved issue with some horde realms not properly creating reward chest and/or exit crystal
  • Resolved issue with Aegnite horde realm crystals not always working
  • Resolved issue with entity render rectangle not being calculated correctly when entity is flipped
  • Resolved issue with some realms lingering longer than they should
  • Resolved animation issue when using an item or gadget during a second jump
  • Better error handling when settings file is busted
  • Resolved issue with character being interrupted when taking damage more often than they should
  • Resolved issue with many monster projectile attacks dealing more damage than they should
  • Fixed issue with some monster’s attack trail (Torrend & Aegnite) not having correct transparency when monster was invisible
  • Resolved issue with monsters still attacking the player immediately after the player becomes invisible
  • Resolved issue with grappler breaking after using it just before traveling to another realm
  • Resolved issue with Flamethrower spell getting into a broken state
  • Resolved issue with Breath spells not working on all quickbars
  • Fixed Stoneskin status effect description

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