The Long Dark

The Long Dark Vigilant Trespass Update ist da

Hinterland Studio hat das The Long Dark Vigilant Trespass Update veröffentlicht. Sandbox v.364 ist seit gestern Abend für den PC verfügbar. Konsolenspieler müssen sich leider noch ein wenig gedulden, da sich der Patch dort noch in der Zertifizierung befindet. Man erwartet ihn dort für Mitte nächster Woche.

Mit Vigilant Trespass sind einige neue Features gekommen. Es gibt nun etwa die Challenge Hunted, Part 2, den neuen Erkundungsmodus Interloper und diverse neue Skills. Unten findet ihr die Patchnotes und ein Video.


* Added new Experience Mode: Interloper
* Added new Challenge: Hunted, Part 2
* Added full First-Person Presence for Light Sources: Flare, Torch, Brand, Lantern, Matches
* Added Beachcombing Gameplay
* Added Archery Skill
* Added Mending Skill
* Iteration on “World Decay” systems across all Experience Modes, focused particularly on: global temperature, weather patterns, wildlife presence, blizzard frequency, and fuel resources
* Iteration on Feats system; players now activate a limited number of unlocked Feats per Sandbox game


* Fixed rare crash when firing Arrows
* Fixed rare crash issue in Fire UI
* Fixed rare crash in Badges UI
* Fixed rare audio crashes
* Fixed crash issues that could occur in the Snow Shelter UI
* Fixed rare crash related to Cabin Fever
* Fixed rare crash when accessing the Log screen
* Fixed rare crash when cancelling Firestarting
* Fixed rare crash when being stalked by a Wolf
* Fixed “Many Campfires” Out of Memory crash
* Fixed crash that could occur when trying to force burn an unread research book
* Fixed rare crash that could occur when firing the Survival Bow
* Fixed crash that could occur when entering a Struggle and holding a lit Flare/Torch/Brand


* Cooking Fish now produces a small amount of Lamp Oil (varies based on Fish type and weight)
* Tuned Snow Shelter dismantling resources
* Hacksaws can now be used to harvest Saplings and Tree Limbs
* Updated the Bed and Bedroll interfaces to support Passing Time as well as Rest
* Enabled Users to view status overlay when Rope Climbing – but not the radial menu
* Tuned Hacksaw per-use decay rate
* Fixed Decoy exploit; Wolves will no longer make an easy target!


* Fixed issue where brandishing the Flare did not increase Fatigue
* Fixed issue where player could drop Decoys when in a Snow Shelter or vehicle
* Fixed issues with drag-and-drop behaviour in Containers
* Fixed issue with Inventory sort icon colliders overlapping
* Fixed issue with audio when dragging scrollbar
* Fixed alpha issue on car windows that caused trees/foliage to not sort correctly
* Fixed floating objects after breaking down furniture in Farmhouse
* Fixed issue with player crashing through top of Snow Shelter after picking up items
* Fixed issue with debug screenshot behaviour
* Fixed issue with Brands providing a Heat Bonus when placed near a fire
* Fixed issue where players could become stuck on a black screen when retrying a Challenge
* Fixed being unable to light Torches from a fire
* Fixed issue where players could add Coal to a fire at an invalid (too low) temperature
* Fixed audio dropping out after a player Alt+Tabs away from the game
* Fixed issue with falling snow passing through walls in Forestry Lookouts
* Fixed issue that caused wildlife to sometimes become stuck on chunks of ice
* Fixed issue with Wildlife trying to pathfind into deep water
* Fixed Flare effects showing through doors
* Fixed issue that caused corpses to disappear when only partially in view
* Fixed issue where players could place Camp Fires deep in mines
* Fixed issue with looping Flare ignition audio
* Fixed floating plates appearing after breaking down certain tables in Coastal Highway
* Fixed inaccurate Calorie cost preview for Passing Time
* Fixed Harvesting UI displaying incorrect requirements when harvesting with bare hands with the Master Harvesting Skill
* Fixed issue with stackable items merging with invalid stacks, when dropped from inventory
* Fixed issue with inaccessible backpack in Timber Wolf Mountain
* Fixed issue with Torches not being lit by other lit (dropped) Torches and Flares
* Fixed issue that prevented the Journal stats from populating when viewed from the Main Menu
* Fixed issue that caused the camera to rotate and pan unexpectedly
* Fixed issue that could cause incorrect camera FOV at the start of game
* Fixed missing cabins in Coastal Highway
* Fixed duplicate rope near Mystery Lake Western Access
* Fixed issue with the Extinguish/Brandish prompts disappearing too quickly
* Fixed issue that caused the Torch effects to become offset after a scene load
* Fixed issue that allowed players to fire the Survival Bow after dropping their last Arrow
* Fixed issue caused by picking up an Arrow and nocking it, while holding the Survival Bow
* Fixed issue that allowed all Bunkers to spawn in Mystery Lake in certain scenarios
* Fixed issue that allowed low detail trees to appear on the Main Menu when running Low or Medium quality


* Memory optimizations
* Fixed various environment art and world collision issues

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