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Stardew Valley 1.4.4 für PC und Konsolen verfügbar

ConcernedApe hat Stardew Valley 1.4.4 für PC und Konsolen zur Verfügung gestellt. Der neue Patch behebt eine Reihe von Fehlern. Darunter auch den Napalm Ring Crash und den Brick Floor Bug in der Konsolenversion.

Stardew Valley 1.4.4 Patchnotes

– (PS4, Switch) Added the ability to take screenshots of the farm.
– Fixed a crash when wearing the Napalm Ring.
– Fixed brick flooring turning into wood flooring overnight.
– Fixed an issue where pressing A while performing certain actions would erroneously open the onscreen keyboard.
– Fixed various audio issues, such as dropped sound effects after pausing during the Mermaid Show.
– Adjusted the controls for accessing the in-game chat.
– (Switch) Fixed controller applet not appearing when docking.
– Fixed minor issues related to objects that sway up and down (crab pots, item ready indicators, etc.)
– Fixed an issue that could cause Sam’s 6 heart event to soft-lock.
– The game now re-issues the player the Qi’s Challenge quest if they had previously opened the mail, but dismissed it without accepting the quest.
– Items placed in an ex’s room are now collected and placed in a chest after divorce.
– You can no longer give away quest items or non-giftable items during the Feast of the Winter Star.
– Adjusted some NPC gift reactions (Vincent and Jas now dislike Triple Shot Espresso, Dwarf now loves Lemon Stone, and Sam now enjoys concession stand Joja Cola.)
– Adjusted Desert map so that crab pots placed in the water no longer render incorrectly, and objects can no longer be placed on top of the Desert Trader.
– Removed Catfish from Willy’s fishing quests during Winter, as it’s impossible to catch one without a Rain Totem.
-Fixed a crash that could occur on the host when a client connects to a game that was set to Friends or Invite Only that is now being hosted on a platform that doesn’t support those online modes.
– Fixed incorrectly looping ambient noise in the Deep Woods at night.
– Fixed an issue where the Japanese localization’s dialogue for a spouse watering your crops would incorrectly show both gender variants of the text.
– Fixed the Simplified Chinese localization incorrectly showing Sunflower Seeds as a Fall only crop.
– Removed the ‘<‘ from the Simplified Chinese localization of the “Pet loves you” dialogue.
– Fixed an issue where Junimos would show an empty text bubble when bringing a bundle to the Junimo Hut after completing a bundle in Simplified Chinese or Korean.
– Fixed an issue where viewing the Junimo Note before learning to read it would cause certain text to permanently display much larger in the Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean localizations
– Filled in some missing characters in the Korean fonts. This fixes some instances where an asterisk appears instead of a Korean character.
– Fixed a minor typo in Grandpa’s Note in the Korean localization.

Das Stardew Valley Mobile 1.4 Update soll ebenfalls in den nächsten Tagen ausgerollt werden. Zunächst erhalten Android User Zugang zu dem Update, anschließend iOS-Spieler.

Quelle: Offizielle Stardew Valley Website

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