My Time at Sandrock: Weiterer Hotfix für das Logan Strikes Back Update

Pathea Games hat den ersten umfangreicheren Patch nach dem My Time at Sandrock Logan Strikes Back-Update zur Verfügung gestellt. Insgesamt ist es der dritte Hotfix seit das Contentupdate Ende letzter Woche erschienen ist. Ein weiterer Hotfix soll im Laufe der Woche folgen.

My Time at Sandrocks Hotfix vom 06. September 2022 – Updatenotes

Added & Adjustment:
  • Added descriptions to openable items
  • Adjusted semi-finished products no longer have item effects
  • Adjusted the appearance of Grace’s freckles
  • Adjusted the refresh rate and values of Store gols
  • Increased the price of items sold to the shop by 20%
  • Increased the Petrified Wood drop rate
  • Increased the number of advanced Commission, reducing the situation that advanced Commission are not easy to complete
  • Increased the drop rate of Simple Circuits
  • Optimized material drop rates in Shipwreck Ruins and added bullets as drop items
  • Optimized the behavior of Justice, Unsuur, and Captain when running into the desert in the quest, The Kidnapping
  • Turning off the tracking function of some accessible tasks temporarily. This feature may cause icons to appear abnormally.
  • Fixed an issue in which plants can’t be moved in Edit Home mode
  • Fixed an issue with mounts following into indoor scenes
  • Fixed an issue where the Fang in the quest Cheery Conspiracy was behaving abnormally
  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs could not interact after Trudy’s return fireside meeting
  • Fixed an issue where Catori behaves abnormally in the Sandapalooza
  • Fixed an issue where the museum booth had the wrong orientation
  • Fixed an issue where buffs would disappear when interacting with scene objects
  • Fixed an issue where simply defeating the boss monster in Hazardous Ruins would not unlock the next level
  • Fixed an issue with plants and rocks remaining in the upgraded yard
  • Fixed an issue where Haru showed up in the Sandrockers Met
  • Fixed a freezing issue when loading saves if the builder was playing/dating with NPCs
  • Fixed a problem with the spar that could cause the game to freeze during Cheery Conspiracy
  • Fixed incorrect maximum number of prompts to Experiment per week
  • Fixed some issues after completing the quest, Relapse
  • Fixed some issues related to the quest Relapse
  • Fixed the problem that the Masquerade Ball final step could pass the due
  • Fixed the freezing issue when the quests The Kidnapping and The Moonlighter trigger simultaneously
  • Fixed the ranch store disappearing issue
  • Fixed traps that could cause freezing in the desert cave

Quelle: Pathea Games via Steam; abgerufen am 06. September 2022, 18:43 Uhr

Bildquelle: Pathea Games

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My Time at Sandrock Logan Strikes Back Hotfix steht zur Verfügung

Mit dem My Time at Sandrock Logan Strikes Back Update steht das erste umfangreiche Contentupdate …


My Time at Sandrock Venti

Venti ist das jüngste Mitglied vom Eufaula Salvage Team. Sie ist fröhlich, optimistisch und für ihre friedliche Beziehung zu ihren Kollegen bekannt. Obwohl sie auf einem Schrottplatz unter harschen Bedingungen aufgewachsen ist und um Essenreste kämpfen musste, hat sie sich stets ihr Lächeln bewahrt.

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