My Time at Sandrock Builder Bonds Update bringt neue Features

Pathea Games hat das My Time at Sandrock Builder Bonds Update zur Verfügung gestellt. Das Update fügt dem Spiel einige neue Features hinzu. Es umfasst darüber hinaus zahlreiche Anpassungen, Optimierungen und Fehlerbehebungen.

Das Builder Bonds Update integriert unter anderem ein Tiersystem in My Time at Sandrock. Ihr könnt nun mit Tieren in Sandrock interagieren. Ein neues Interaktionssystem schaltet sich frei, sobald ihr Freunde werdet. Nachrichten, die ihr über euren Briefkasten erhaltet, können nun beantwortet werden. Möbel, Maschinen und Böden können kombiniert und zusammen bewegt werden. Weitere Neuerungen sind die Tour de Rock, ein Rodelspiel für zwei Personen als Date-Aktivität und Spiel, drei neue Fische in der Wüstenregion und eine Reihe neuer Anpassungsstyles und Erscheinungsbilder für das Haus.

Das Video unten demonstriert, wie das neue Tiersystem in My Time at Sandrock funktioniert. Die Patchnotes zum Update findet ihr ebenfalls unten. Aktuell sind einige der neuen Features nur in englischer und chinesischer Sprache verfügbar. Übersetzungen für andere Sprachen sind noch in Arbeit und folgen mit späteren Updates.

My Time at Sandrock Builder Bonds Update Patchnotes

  • Added show room functionality, allowing you to view show room in the home edit mode
  • Added a new ability to combine furniture, machines, and soils and move them together.
  • Added the pet system and you can interact with animals in Sandrock
  • Added interaction system. it’ll unlock when you become friends
  • Added the reply function. You will be prompted if the mail can be replied to
  • Added Tour de Rock
  • Added two-person sledding game/date activity
  • Added three new fishes in the desert area
  • Added a set of house customization styles and appearances

(P.S. Some of the new features are currently supported only in EN and CN. Localizations for other countries are still a work in progress and we plan to add them to the game in future updates. We appreciate your patience!)

Adjusted & Optimized
  • Adjusted the knowledge system, all knowledge points will be reset after the updates. Please study them again
  • Adjusted the Tour de Rock track and divided to Race mode and collection mode
  • Adjusted overhead icons for NPCs when they were exhausted
  • Adjusted the Selfie photo recognition so that photos taken while exercising are also counted as selfies
  • Adjusted the voice during conversations with NPCs and lowered other bubble volumes.
  • Adjusted the feeding preference of mounts
  • Adjusted the party banquet so that it could be held at the player’s house
  • Changed the badge to currency means it won’t take up space in the backpack
  • Changed how many times players can eat BBQ during the Winter Solstice
  • Optimized Workshop Pathfinder to reduce loading time when houses have complex layouts.
  • Optimized festival banner prompt time
  • Optimized mission untracking to avoid some quest tracking issues.
  • Increased the distance to interactable objects while mounting
  • Made the NPC saying goodbye more reasonable
  • Modified the type of items that can be placed in display case furniture
  • Removed the confirmation option while exiting the Yakmel travel for the 2nd time
  • Reduced NPC’s attention to panda eyes
  • Fixed the issue with the stats overlap when refining ranged weapons
  • Fixed the issue where Kid’s quest and „How to Tune your Banjo“ quest were triggering together on the ranch
  • Fixed an issue where the dialog interface could cause an error after changing the language
  • Fixed a parametric issue when creating a cat house after completing the quest „How to Tune Your Banjo“
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the Banjo waiting at the inn if you didn’t enter the Saloon during the quest – Pet Detective
  • Fixed an issue where models would overlap after selling a mount
  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Horse avatar icon was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where cutscenes were causing the storyline to not trigger correctly
  • Fixed an issue that caused food to disappear during the Winter Solstice BBQ
  • Fixed an issue where the first tab was not selected by default when entering the Ranch Store
  • Fixed an issue where NPC gift actions on a player’s birthday could not be completed on that day
  • Fixed several issues with the ranch prompt when the player was awake
  • Fixed an issue where dew collector water would decrease even with sand walls
  • Fixed some combat issues when monsters were too close to the player
  • Fixed an issue where bounty quests were still counting after failing
  • Fixed some issues where the NPCs did not behave correctly
  • Fixed some NPCs interaction issues
  • Fixed the plank road drop issue
  • Fixed an issue where saving and loading repeatedly resulted in incorrect commission rewards
  • Fixed incorrect mount refresh location if there is no stable version
  • Fixed an issue where players had to leave the monster’s head after defeating it
  • Fixed an issue where trap objects were missing collision in Shipwreck Dangerous Ruins
  • Fixed an issue where untracking in the quest UI would not work
  • Fixed an issue where the game wasn’t paused during the birthday selection UI
  • Fixed an issue where social UI navigation could duplicate stats
  • Fixed Whack-A-Mole text not matching the actual gols consumption
  • Fixes an issue that may cause the scarf not to appear
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would not stop following after failling the quest Civil Business
  • Fixed issue where workshop license text was not long enough
  • Fixed an issue that may cause players‘ health recovery values were not displayed when using the restore space
  • Fixed an issue that may cause monsters‘ health recover values were not displayed when using buffs
  • Fixed an issue where donation UI sound effects were too loud
  • Fixed an issue where the save and read UI list was over the edge
  • Fixed a camera zoom-in issue while interacting with NPCs
  • Fixed an issue where Kid would appear in the Saloon during the quest –
  • Fixed an issue where the signboard on the Shonash Bridge was in the wrong position
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to hold hands with Justice during a date
  • Fixed an issue where effects triggered by actions might not disappear
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Running Yakmel event would not be closed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the female character would slide with a feather duster
  • Fixed an issue that caused quest UI text to disappear when attempting to cancel a quest
  • Fixed an issue that caused Jasmine to behave abnormally after the quest – a tour of Sandrock failed
  • Fixed the problem that Pen’s attack behavior was abnormal after the quest – Tutorial in some cases
  • Fixed the problem that the dialogue between X and Fang was abnormal after the quest – Relapse
  • Fixed haircut UI button prompt issue on controllers
  • Fixed some text issues when trying to exit the haircut UI
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollbar and edit button overlapped in the calendar UI
  • Fixed an issue where the workshop license was not updated after switching languages
  • Fixed an issue where placing non-dyeable furniture would report an error in some cases
  • Fixed an issue that caused the workshop customization prompt to appear repeatedly after loading
  • Fixed an issue where Biocrust soil could be placed in the home edit UI
  • Fixed an issue where the plants on the terrain did not match the proper size
  • Fixed an error that could occur when interrupted by a conversation while planting
  • Fixed an issue where the name on the top of the monster’s head would disappear after switching languages in Hazardous Ruins
  • Fixed several general issues with Kid Bubble dialogue during the quest Mystical Investigations
  • Fixed some inventory box issues after loading
  • Fixed some effects issues with the sandfishing spots
  • Fixed quest tracking issues in the Dancing and Running Yakmel event.
  • Fixed map missing issues after upgrading the Game Center
  • Fixed some Blender effects issue
  • Fixed some text issues within quest Donate for bridge
  • Fixed an issue where the storage box list could not be selected with controllers
  • Fixed incorrect camera movements in the home editing UI with controllers
  • Fixed the problem that the modified material could not be pulled down with controllers
  • Fixed some targeting issues in the home editing mode with controllers
  • Fixed an issue where museum cabinets could not be seen in the UI
  • Fixed some prompts and interactions issues in the sand painting event
  • Fixed the issue that Pen and Yan dialogue incorrectly shows up
  • Fixed the problem that the description source of Hemostat and Strong Medicine was wrong
  • Fixed an issue where there were no Sand traps in the Refiner
  • Fixed an issue where the mount store could not be purchased using the controller
  • Fixed the incorrect button prompt of the controller on the feeding UI in the stables
  • Fixed an issue where mounts did not drink water daily
  • Fixed an issue where mounts would be overlapped after returning/selling the mount
  • Fixed an issue where the mount training tutorial did not switch languages correctly
  • Fixed an issue where mounts did not move after the stable was moved
  • Fixed an issue where adding foods to the stable could be over limits
  • Fixed an issue where repeated saving and loading would trigger repeated gifts
  • Fixed Mi-an behavior issues when accepting orders
  • Fixed an issue where the sand for the Tailoring Machine would always be selected
  • Fixed a text issue with the sale UI of the Wandering Y Store after switching languages
  • Fixed some targeting issues in the face customization UI
  • Fixed some of Unsuur’s waking-up issue
  • Fixed some hair issues
  • Fixed some position issues while Chatting by the oasis during a play/date
  • Fixed an issue where the volume of music was not controlled by settings
  • Fixed an issue where the air wall would not work when installing the crane in the Salvage yard
  • Fixed the respawn issue of the Sword in the Store
  • Fixed some trap issues in the Day of Memories
  • Fixed overlap issue when taking photos with Trudy
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to other UI issues when the selection dialog was force-exited
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the sand wall’s wind-blocking effect to disappear when sitting on a chair in the workshop
  • Fixed an issue where taking a photo with a camel would not work with controllers
  • Fixed an issue where Tutorial still existed in the accessible quest list when it was unavailable
  • Fixed some issues with buying mounts by using controllers
  • Fixed an issue where interactions still work after turning camera mode on
  • Fixed an issue when the ranch store’s sale page was empty
  • Fixed an issue where fertilizers did not affect plants‘ yields
  • Fixed an issue where the quality of the Sword in the Stone would be random
  • Fixed an issue where the NPC behavior of the Dance off conflicted with the Sunday’s sermon behavior
  • Fixed an issue where plants on terrain were not removed after home expansion
  • Fixed an issue where the Winter Solstice would not end automatically while dancing
  • Fixed a health bar issue after defeating the masked man during the quest Cheery Conspiracy
  • Fixed some collision issues when placing a ladder against the wall
  • Fixed an issue where Stables and Barns were not using the items in the Storage Box
  • Fixed the problem that the remaining points will not be displayed in real-time when adding points
  • Fixed an issue where the NPC always follows players after the quest Cheery Conspiracy
  • Fixed some NPCs behaviors issues caused by loading different players‘ saves
  • Fixed an issue where the Super Shock Shield was unlocked early
  • Fixed an issue where the buttons of the Refiner UI would change at different resolutions
  • Fixed the problem that monster hatred was not blocked during the dialogue process of the quest – You Spin Me Round
  • Fixed a CG issue during the quest A New Look
  • Fixed an issue where some info prompts did not change after switching languages
  • Fixed the issue of missing stones when re-entering the desert cave
  • Fixed the model issue of the Yakboy Sofa
  • Fixed an issue with ranged weapons in Breach Ruins
  • Fixed a carpet display issue during the quest – Classic Projection
  • Fixed a fricative sound issue when sand running

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